Make Awesome Apps

Buzztouch is software and an amazing community that helps people make native iOS and Android apps. Unlike many "app builders", there are no limits to what kinds of apps you can make using Buzztouch.

Instant Gratification

The free BtGo! app for iOS helps newcomers get started. Create useful Gadgets to share with your friends, colleagues, employees or others - instantly. Turn your Gadgets into native apps later when you're ready.
Buzztouch Go!
BtGo! in the App Store

Take Control with BtCentral

Hack it up a bit, customize your creations. BtCentral exports your stuff to Xcode (iOS) or Eclipse (Android) so you can own your projects - and get to the code. BtCentral powers your apps with a turbo-charged hosting solution in the cloud. Self-hosting options available.

Hang Out With Us

New to the app making process? No worries. We got you covered. Whether you are just getting started or well on your way, you'll find Buzztouch community members just like you in your area or nearby to welcome you and lend a hand. Find Buzztouch friends across the pond and around the world to explore ideas, ask questions and share your experiences with others. Join us and join the fun.

Our Partners Help You Make Better Apps

Super charge your native iOS or Android apps by adding partner SDK's to your projects.