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09/30/19 10:51 PM (2 months ago)

FIX: Android Login Plugin missing


Theres the code you need.

You just need to create a java file under bt_screens named


and copy the java code in there.

Then option + enter (for mac, not sure for windows maybe alt + enter), on all of the red-underlined classes (words) that are capitalized, to import them. They won't be in the middle of a statement (sentence).

There will also be class that wont let you import using the shortcut above, which will be named: BT_appDelegate

Just replace BT with your app name

You will see a file with "appDelegate" in it. change it to that.
Then you will be able to import it.

Also change the import statement which will say: package com.buzzTouch;
to your apps package name. Just open another file under bt_screens and you will see the correct package you need. Just copy that over.

Copy the red and green dot photos in the drawable folder into the drawable folder in your project.

Also copy the layout to the layout folder.

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