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How does JSON works ? Is BT stilll good ?

Hi guys, long time no see.

Following a requirement from Google Play, I have to update my apps and dig again into how this whole thing works, since I'm no developer. However I had a lot of fun a couple of years back learning and understanding this fun stuff, with the help of many of you.

PDF pluggin :
I had it all smooth and shiny and now in this new BT nothing works. The nav bar does silly things, the pdf downloads (really?) but does not open and does not show the native option, buttons appear that I didn't ask for... A real improvement.

So I have to put my head into it again, and I lack basic knowledge.
Since I don't want to compile again everytime from BT and restart the Android Studio project, could you explain to me how JSON works ? I have several pdf screens, for example one called "motor" and one called "frame".

I find in the structure of the screen, but where do I find the setup for each screen ? For example I want to try a SOLID nav bar on my "motor" page and HIDEN nav Bar on my "frame" page, where in Android Studio do I find this ? On the BT website I see the JSON for each screen and it's quite intuitive, but where does this translate into Android Studio ? Can I modify on AS or do I have to modify on BT website and re-compile ?

And for those who have been here a long time, I as for your advice on whether I should keep using BT. I had a lot of fun with it, and I'm happy to see my simple stuff on Google Play, but it's not for the money (since we pay for BT) and I feel like everytime I'm using BT for an update, it's different, and not working, and requires a massive load of effort from me to understand and fix stuff that was working before. David created a fantastic thing, but where does it stand now ? Is it being developed properly ? For my simple stuff, should I just use one of those simple app maker ? I'd be sad to let go BT since I'm improving my general knowledge, but man, at my level it's hard to cope with all the bugs.

Kind Regards,

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