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Smugger than thou...
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06/24/17 02:23 AM (10 months ago)

Smug Climate on hold - World Weather Online

Hafa Adai everyone.

Sadly, World Weather Online no longer allows a 'free' API for testing. They'll issue a premium only for 60 days, and then you gotta pay no less than $10 a month for access.

This puts a big monkey wrench in the Smug Climate plugin, and the way it works. For the moment, You may be better off not using it, if you're not planning on paying WWO for their API.

Subsequently, it forces me to make an update for both iOS and Android if for no other reason than the source JSON will be different. I'll probably go with open weather map.

With that said, look for an update within the next quarter. I'd like to promise it sooner, but the reality is I am already behind the eight ball on another project, and need it off my plate first.

But I am aware of the issue; hope you aren't adversely affected.

I'll be in touch.


-- Smug
Aspiring developer
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06/24/17 03:33 AM (10 months ago)
I am using Open Weather Map in a couple of my published apps, it works well.

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