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buzztouch plugin: Social Login
Version: v4.0
Allow users to log into your app using their Facebook or Twitter account. Also provides useful social networking share features for other plugins to use.
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The Social Login plugin is a login plugin that uses Facebook or Twitter as login options rather than a traditional username/password. This gives your users the ability to login to your app without having to create a new account on your control panel.

In today's world, users expect quality apps to have social networking features. This plugin is your answer to their demands! Plus, it comes with a set of functions for social sharing that others plugins can make use of. (See the XIB Button Menu for a great plugin that makes use of these functions). For instance, there are functions for:

--Posting a link to the user's Facebook wall
--Sharing a link to one of the user's chosen Facebook friends
--Posting a tweet to the user's Twitter account
--Retrieving a profile image from Facebook or Twitter

This plugin has several customizable options, including:
--an optional, clickable logo image
--the ability to either auto-load a screen when the user is logged in, or to show a "continue to app button" when logged in
--the ability to show either the Facebook login button, the Twitter login button, or both

1) This app requires the Facebook SDK to be installed. You can install the SDK to your computer by going to:
(tested and working with SDK 3.13.1)

Note: When you install the SDK to your computer, it will normally be saved to the /Documents/FacebookSDK folder on your computer. You should drag the entire Framework folder into your XCode project.

2) As part of installing the Facebook SDK, you need to create an app on Facebook at This is a simple process and will result in an "app id" being created for your app. Copy this number and paste it into the BT_info.plist file in your XCode project. (See documentation on control panel page for more information)

Version History
1.0 (5/2/14) - initial release
1.1 (5/3/14) - Some minor bug fixes, sped up Twitter login process, added methods for getting profile image from Facebook or Twitter
4.0 (1/1/16) - Updated for Facebook SDK 4.18 and Buzztouch Core 4.0

iOS Project (3.0 projects only, iOS 6+)

Android Project
Not supported at this time

"loadScreenWithItemId": "5EB661A173EC19D1D0606B9",
"shouldShowFacebook": "1",