Pie Chart

buzztouch plugin: Pie Chart
By: chris1
Version: v1.1
Shows a cool, animated pie chart in your app!
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
Guest: $14.99  Member: $7.99
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3 Reviews

I hate code!
Reg: Aug 08, 2012
  09/23/14 04:47 PM (4 years ago)
Beautiful plugin and great animation with user interaction. Definitely a must have.
Code is Art
Reg: Sep 11, 2013
Lillington, NC
  03/30/14 02:38 PM (4 years ago)
Using with iOS7 on iPhone 5C:
Great plugin to present an interactive pie chart. Lots of settings that enable you to decide on the description and labels for your chart. I needed specific colors on my first chart, and used the random color feature on a second- both work great.

If you are looking for a professional way to present summary of data within your app - This is it!

Hint: Use a NavBar RightButton on this chart to jump to a screen with your detail data.
I hate code!
Reg: Dec 28, 2010
Montreux Switze...
  03/30/14 02:45 AM (4 years ago)
Ever needed to put a pie chart in an app? Forget about static ones in PNG (or whatever else)! This plugin is a jewel: all settings are in the CP. Choose title, default caption, individual captions and colors for every slice, set if your pie chart shows percentages or plain figures, and so on. Total control!

We have tested it only on iOS 7.1, but there's an Android version. Bravo! On iOS, it's perfectly compatible with universal apps. Perfect 'look and feel' and nicely animated. An essential plugin.