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buzztouch plugin: Send Email
Version: v1.5
Connect a Send Email action to a menu item or button to load the devices native email compose sheet. You can pre-fill the subject line and to-address.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
Developer Info
Latest Review
PointerSusan Metoxen | 09/01/12 (v1.0.2)
Use this plugin to have your users contact you easily. It is better to have a disgruntled user contact you than write a bad review. I have used this on Android and iOS and it works perfectly.
More Information
This action launches the device's native email compose sheet. No iOS or Android
class files need to be added to the project.

[BT_viewController handleTapToLoadScreen] loads the compose sheet if the device is capable.

BT_act_controller.loadScreenObject loads the compose sheet if the device is capable.

Version History

v1.3     11/10/2012
          Minor syntax changes to accomodate for Xcode 4.5 compiler warnings.
          Minor changes in .java files to accomodate for Anroid (Google) 2.2 API's compiler warnings.
          Minor UI changes in .php files for control panel.

v1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (historical versions, no change details)

Most folks use the control panel to configure the JSON data for this plugin but it's useful to
see what it may look like. This is the simplest example.

     "itemNickname":"Email Us",
     "emailSubject":"question about your app...",
     "emailToAddress":"[email protected]"