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buzztouch plugin: XIB Button Menu
Version: v4.1
Create a custom screen using the drag-n-drop functions of XCode's Interface Builder. Connect buttons to screens or to social networking features!
works on iOS iOS
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Pointerfarcat | 05/03/14 (v1.5)
Love it, really made a difference in a couple of my apps.
More Information
Because we can't all be coders. The XIB Button Menu is a plugin designed for those that like visual, drag-n-drop style of programming. This plugin relies on XIB ("Interface Builder") files for the layout and design. Interface Builder is a graphical tool that is included in XCode that allows you to move buttons around the screen visually. There are 12 buttons setup already on the screen. Removing one is as simple as selecting it on the screen in XCode and pressing delete. You can drag in ImageView's and text labels almost as easy.

New in version 1.4:
The XIB Button Menu plugin now takes advantage of the Social Login plugin features. If you have that plugin installed, you can assign buttons on the XIB Button Menu plugin to perform certain sharing functions, such as posting a tweet to Twitter or posting a link to the user's Facebook wall. You can even require the user to perform a social sharing function before loading a screen associated with a button!

For more detailed documentation please refer to the included PDF document.

Version History
1.0 - initial build by Josh Mularella
1.2 - Plugin update by Chris Ruddell
          --adds support for use in multiple uses in the same app
          --updated for 3.0 control panels
1.3 - (4/26/14) - Updated code to correct issues when xib filename mistakenly includes the ".xib" extension.
1.4 - (5/2/14) - Added social network sharing functions (requires the Social Login plugin by Chris Ruddell)
1.5 - (5/3/14) - Minor bug fixes realted to social networking features. Also added an image view that can load a profile image from Facebook or Twitter if the Social Login plugin is installed.
1.6 - (5/28/14) - Bug fix related to missing Facebook SDK error.
1.7 - (8/29/14) - Added support for transition types.
1.8 - (9/15/14) - Bug fix related to crashing error on button taps to load certain screens.
4.0 - (1/1/17) - Updated for Buzztouch Core 4.0 and Social Login 4.0
4.1 - (6/26/17) - Added 4.0 folder to allow plugin to properly download.

iOS Project Files
There are a total of 16 files in this project including 2 class files, 2 Xib files,
and 12 sample icon images.

JM_Xib_button_menu.h and .m

icon images # 1-12

Android Project Files
This plugin does not support Android.

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