Menu Image Buttons

buzztouch plugin: Menu Image Buttons
Version: v1.3
The Menu Image Buttons plugin creates a grid pattern of buttons. You can choose the number of buttons per row and the margin between buttons, and the plugin evenly spaces the buttons on the screen.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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2 Reviews

Aspiring developer
Reg: Aug 07, 2013
  09/18/15 12:48 AM (3 years ago)
Been using this over a year now on both IOS and Android on self hosting and it works flawlessly on both platforms, looks and works exactly the same on both as well, would highly recommend this plugin
buzztouch Evangelist
Reg: May 12, 2014
Bilston - Engla...
  10/12/14 04:32 AM (4 years ago)
Tried and tested, as ever slips straight in. Plenty of options to tinker with, an easy menu to use so well worth the purchase. Hope an update fixes the on click play sound for Android as this is a feature not implemented on any of the Android menu plugins here. Overall, easy to use, looks great and does what it says on the tin :)