Tabbar Utilities

buzztouch plugin: Tabbar Utilities
By: chris1
Version: v1.31
Provides cool customizations for the iPhone tab bar!
works on iOS iOS
Guest: $14.99  Member: $7.99
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2 Reviews

Calypso Kid
Aspiring developer
Reg: Mar 09, 2012
Upstate New Yor...
  06/29/14 02:52 PM (3 years ago)
It was suggested by Angry Ninja that I try this plugin because I asked him how he put color tabbar images in one of his apps. WOW, awesome plugin! Not only was I able to use color images but it didn't seem to matter what size they were. Most of my images were 250x250 and the plugin fit them perfectly in the tabs and the resolution is great. I haven't begun to use this plugin to its fullest potential and I am already super impressed. Thanks Chris.
Angry Ninja
Aspiring developer
Reg: Aug 25, 2013
  01/25/14 05:07 PM (4 years ago)
Amazing plugin! Not only does this offer everything advertised, but a perfect way to implement colorized icons instead of the standard greyscale ones. Easy to use, and awesome integration. Well done Chris!