RD Simple GeoFence

buzztouch plugin: RD Simple GeoFence
Version: v4.0
BT 4.0 This splash screen plugin allows your application to receive GeoFence notifications when your app is minimized or even when it is CLOSED! When an iPhone nears a location, they will receive a notification that opens your app when they tap it.
works on iOS iOS
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2 Reviews

Tony @ Buzztouch
buzztouch Evangelist
Reg: Mar 05, 2011
Saint Louis, Mi...
  06/19/14 12:53 PM (3 years ago)
Awesome idea and solution for developers! Can't wait for you to update the plugin to include Android. Great work!!!

Tony @ Buzzotuch
Code is Art
Reg: Jun 12, 2011
Youngstown, OH
  06/17/14 06:02 AM (4 years ago)
This is a great plugin for numerous reasons (location based messaging, simplicity of use, etc). I attended the GeoMoby webinar and thought I might use it; however, it can be become expensive very quickly. This plugin gives us geofencing capability without having to pay for expensive background services. The schools for which I develop greatly appreciate cost effective solutions. Thanks Red Dog!