Paged Menu

buzztouch plugin: Paged Menu
By: chris1
Version: v1.3
The Paged Menu plugin displays images in a grid fashion. You set the number of rows and columns. If more images are set than will fit on a single page given your rows & columns, additional pages will be added.
works on iOS iOS
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3 Reviews

Code is Art
Reg: Oct 29, 2011
location unknow...
  05/25/15 08:21 AM (3 years ago)
Crap, does not work on your own server!!!
Code is Art
Reg: Jun 12, 2011
Youngstown, OH
  01/04/14 01:02 PM (5 years ago)
This is a great looking menu with awesome animations and gestures. Love this to replace tabbed layouts. This app will allow my students to get to the information they need much more quickly because they will not have to drill as deep into sub-menus as they did previously in a tabbed layout.

The support for this plugin in is quick, efficient, and top-notch. I highly recommend this menu. Thanks Chris for a very professional menu.
Tony @ Buzztouch
buzztouch Evangelist
Reg: Mar 05, 2011
Saint Louis, Mi...
  01/02/14 10:47 AM (5 years ago)
Simple yet amazing! Great job Chris.