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Config Data, JSON, App Refresh

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[Solved]Need help to make app update without refre...
by Prince apps 9 years ago
views: 265 replies: 5
last Prince apps 9 years ago
AppTransformer for iOS version?
by tb 9 years ago
views: 251 replies: 1
last Stobe 9 years ago
The JSON data for this app is invalid
by chris3839 9 years ago
views: 264 replies: 13
last Nicks App 9 years ago
How many screens are to many?
by Mag37 9 years ago
views: 261 replies: 11
last Mag37 9 years ago
Individual Screen Refresh Question?
by Dragon007 9 years ago
views: 237 replies: 12
last Dragon007 9 years ago
iOS, BT 3.0: Refresh prompt does not appear
by peterj 9 years ago
views: 261 replies: 10
last Nelson 9 years ago
Can not run my app (android) - errors
by GrantRez 9 years ago
views: 739 replies: 1
last SmugWimp 9 years ago
App not refreshing when bringing it from backgroun...
by ElDorado 9 years ago
views: 256 replies: 1
last LA 9 years ago
How to safely delete a line in JSON
by Jen 9 years ago
views: 256 replies: 2
last Jen 9 years ago
can anyone point me to useful forum topics on conf...
by delite 9 years ago
views: 270 replies: 3
last Dusko 9 years ago
Right way to upgrade app version in buzztouch
by ElDorado 9 years ago
views: 263 replies: 3
last ElDorado 9 years ago
BT Push Update?
by Masons App Design 9 years ago
views: 324 replies: 17
last DougJoseph 8 years ago
Problem loading apps Configuration Data
by Lyle @SFNeNT 9 years ago
views: 300 replies: 4
last mysterysolver 7 years ago
Interactive Quiz - how to edit questions 300+?
by krompa 9 years ago
views: 334 replies: 10
last mysps 9 years ago
Buzztouch V3 How to Auto Refresh for android
by satit 10 years ago
views: 297 replies: 4
last Louie 9 years ago
Need app to refresh/pull latest data on first open
by xparte 10 years ago
views: 290 replies: 6
last xparte 10 years ago
The JSON data for this app is invalid
by PaddyO 10 years ago
views: 301 replies: 16
last DougJoseph 8 years ago
JSON license?
by mjmccreary 10 years ago
views: 268 replies: 15
last Dusko 10 years ago
App displays an old screen?
by Silvia SuperStar 10 years ago
views: 216 replies: 4
last MacApple 10 years ago
Updating/Refreshing Apps and older versions. Conte...
by Fingers Crossed 10 years ago
views: 240 replies: 2
last AlanMac 10 years ago
Push notification is stoping my app
by Lex 10 years ago
views: 261 replies: 4
last Lex 10 years ago
by hasher13 10 years ago
views: 243 replies: 5
last hasher13 10 years ago
Edits in JSON for theme not showing?
by Jlentriken 10 years ago
views: 219 replies: 2
last Jlentriken 10 years ago
2 Screen Data URLS. Need Some Advice/Help
by Rad Doc 10 years ago
views: 246 replies: 8
last Niraj Shah 10 years ago
screen transition
by Solver 10 years ago
views: 242 replies: 4
last SmugWimp 10 years ago
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