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Crashes, Memory Warnings

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Send Email action not working (Crashes app in Xcod...
by orangetraining 8 years ago
views: 258 replies: 5
last orangetraining 8 years ago
App not working properly on Android devices and oc...
by nosha 8 years ago
views: 330 replies: 13
last nosha 8 years ago
Out of memory error on certain devices
by g1pro757 9 years ago
views: 2484 replies: 9
last g1pro757 9 years ago
Nexus 4,5,6 Running Android 5 Don't Work!
by Dragon007 9 years ago
views: 285 replies: 14
last CMCOFFEE 9 years ago
Crash when back button pressed
by g1pro757 9 years ago
views: 1101 replies: 12
last CMCOFFEE 9 years ago
having issue Xcode
by crazy android 9 years ago
views: 259 replies: 2
last crazy android 9 years ago
Android Store App Crashes
by Dragon007 9 years ago
views: 326 replies: 4
last Dragon007 9 years ago
Read several posts on GCM crash...but help.
by yenael 9 years ago
views: 273 replies: 3
last yenael 9 years ago
Xcode is not letting me build
by LocoLopez 9 years ago
views: 414 replies: 1
last Nicks App 9 years ago
Android App Crash - If Installed with Google Play
by ThomasSechak 9 years ago
views: 1332 replies: 4
last ThomasSechak 9 years ago
Android App Crashing After Refresh
by bizappsmedia 10 years ago
views: 278 replies: 5
last CMCOFFEE 10 years ago
Android App Crashes on opening PushMessage (Parse....
by Worker73 10 years ago
views: 388 replies: 0
no screen is connected to this?
by Agu 10 years ago
views: 320 replies: 0
2 errors in Android application
by PFTech 10 years ago
views: 301 replies: 3
last PFTech 10 years ago
MacImage Gallery crashes on rotation to Landscape
by Djdios 10 years ago
views: 328 replies: 10
last MacApple 9 years ago
Crash on rotation
by Djdios 10 years ago
views: 349 replies: 16
last MacApple 10 years ago
Push Notification is stopping my APP when message ...
by Lex 10 years ago
views: 749 replies: 12
last Lex 10 years ago
Custom Url Plugin Error
by Prince apps 10 years ago
views: 360 replies: 20
last chris1 10 years ago
Multiple pdfs crash app
by Sherry 10 years ago
views: 306 replies: 9
last Sherry 10 years ago
Some issues with android app
by Caslor 10 years ago
views: 292 replies: 2
last Caslor 10 years ago
Menu Buttons crashes my app
by Vicentin 10 years ago
views: 359 replies: 23
last Ivelin 10 years ago
My BlackBerry is not working - must see video
by tb 10 years ago
views: 326 replies: 4
last Niraj 10 years ago
Something's not right (Android)
by ajaxon98 10 years ago
views: 838 replies: 5
last Tommy Simmons 9 years ago
app crashes after adding BT push
by AppBuilderUSA 10 years ago
views: 346 replies: 7
last PC 1 year ago
App crash after sliding a few images (iOS)
by r0ckf3l3r 10 years ago
views: 450 replies: 5
last Susan Metoxen 10 years ago
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