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Justice Kub
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10/31/22 02:06 AM (1 year ago)

Need Suggestion For Free Or Paid Plugin

Greetings, I have a tech website and it's a WordPress website. I would like to add a free plugin to my website. Once a paid plugin has been used, but it was not working properly. The social media found does not show up properly. If there is any free or paid plugin, please suggest.
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11/03/22 07:57 PM (1 year ago)
Hi There! Welcome to Buzztouch! Buzztouch uses the concept of plugins to provide functionality to our native iOS and Android clients... I think there may have been some community development for Wordpress in the past... but we don't provide any native functionality out-of-the-box for Wordpress. Are you trying to bring your website into some app format, or perhaps just looking to fix the social media icons on your site? :) Thanks

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