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06/27/18 04:18 PM (5 years ago)

White Screen on launch and refresh

When launching my app on the simulator, I get a white screen. Once I test the json, I recieve this error: SyntaxError: Duplicate key 'itemId' on line 45 "BT_screens": [{ "itemId": "075284EBBBA0F3BFC15CFD7", "itemType": "Cr_menu_advanced", "itemNickname": "Main", "itemId": "075284EBBBA0F3BFC15CFD7", "itemType": "Cr_menu_advanced", "itemNickname": "Main", I fix the json and relaunch the app and it works. But it always reverts back to the white screen once refreshed or relaunched. It's driving me insane.
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06/29/18 07:01 AM (5 years ago)
What do you mean by "fix the json and relaunch"? Where are you fixing it? If you fix it in xcode it will build fine, but if still duplicated in the config data on BT then when you refresh the app you'll get the white screen again. You can't manually edit the json data on BT so I usually just delete the item that is duplicated and re add it.
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07/02/18 03:41 AM (5 years ago)
Is the white screen you're talking about not the loading screen. If you're seeing a white screen with a little progress spinner then it's the loading screen. I managed to add an image to mine on xcode by editing BT_loading.storyboard under BT_Screens - bt_loading. I added an Image View to the storyboard and set the Image Property of the Image View to a png image which I had previously dragged into xcode so now instead of just a white screen people can at least see a picture of my logo with the word LOADING...

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