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02/05/15 02:20 PM (9 years ago)

Let user change phone number in settings

One of my medical apps uses the "call us" plugin to give an option of calling the Poison Control Center (800-222-1222). I often forget that this app is quite popular outside the US, and a user recently asked for the option to change the number to the Poison Center in their own country. There are probably multiple areas where I could make my app more internationally-friendly... perhaps even letting them choose units (ex mile vs kilometer, etc). I envision having a settings section where the user can make these changes. Has anyone done something like this with a BT app? I'd be willing to hire someone to help me with this as well, just not sure which direction to go. Thanks! Josh
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02/05/15 08:02 PM (9 years ago)
What 'could' be done, is for you to setup some kind of 'directory' web page on a server somewhere, and display it in an HTMLDoc plugin. Dress it up however you like, and use this format for the phone number: <a href="tel://1-555-555-5555">+1 (555) 555-5555</a> That would allow a user to 'tap' on the number displayed, and the internal OS (on either Android or iOS) will popup a dialog asking the user if they wish to dial that number. Given that the 'call us' is a 'tap and go' rather than 'tap and confirm, then go' it might be preferable. Cheers! -- Smug Edit: Then, you could either setup a little script to allow the user to change it, or if they know how to do HTML, they can create their own 'directory', and you just enter the URL. Once downloaded, it's cached.
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02/08/15 03:09 PM (9 years ago)
Susan set this kind of thing up for a couple of my protocol app customers, a user editable phone directory that also includes global numbers. Works great. Bet she can do it for you. Tim

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