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08/16/18 10:01 PM (5 years ago)

Conference Schedule - update the page automatically

Before I go off making suggestions to our Conference organisers about a handy feature we could have in the app I figured I should check in. For an upcoming conference, we could have an html page that showed who the current speaker was and what time the next session started. However, the config file wouldn't refresh because the url hasn't changed - and therefore the cached and now out of date - version of the html file would be shown. Updating the config file every time the app is opened is probably overkill - is there a more elegant solution?
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08/17/18 03:26 PM (5 years ago)
Either have the page refresh each load (plugin settings) or within the HTML Code you can also have an 'expiration' that will force a reload. Hope that helps. Cheers! -- Smug

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