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buzztouch Evangelist
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06/16/14 09:53 PM (9 years ago)

iPhone 6 running iPad apps?

Hey guys, Just a thought or question for you ninja's out there. With the new sized iPhone6 on its way, what is the possibility of being able to run ipad only apps on the bigger iPhones? Do you think it is something that could happen? Could mean a big deal for one of my apps that is iPad specific...
Smugger than thou...
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Tamuning, GU
06/17/14 02:04 AM (9 years ago)
Well, 'iPad Only' really just means 'at least this screen size'. So providing the screen resolution is as large or even close means that there is a 'possibility'. But of course, no one knows until we all know. Cheers! -- Smug
buzztouch Evangelist
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06/17/14 06:25 AM (9 years ago)
I think there is little possibility of this happening. It's not because of the screen size, but because of the screen ratio. The iPad ratio is too square for an iPhone. Even the 3.5" iPhone screens have a much more rectangular look than an iPad. Now, iPhones have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (the same as a TV). Personally, I love this ratio, and I think if Apple were to change the screen size, they would keep the 16:9 ratio but increase it's size. In comparison, the iPad has a 4:3 aspect ratio (like very old TVs), and I simply couldn't imagine a slim 16:9 shaped iPad. So to answer your question: in a word: NO. It is pretty much impossible for iPad apps to work with the next iPhone, because it's not about screen size, it's about screen ratio.
Lost but trying
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06/17/14 08:57 PM (9 years ago)
Take a look at the WWDC videos about something in iOS 8 called size classes. there is a merge coming.

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