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buzztouch Evangelist
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09/29/14 02:21 PM (9 years ago)

BuzzWeekend Europe 2014 - Rounding up the dots

One week on... its time to round the dots and write a new chapter in the BT book. It was a fantastic event. Truly great. I really enjoyed last week event for one simple reason... I really enjoy meeting folks who are part of the app development species - whether they aspire to be developers, or have made a few dozen apps. It's a great set of people to be amongst. However last week's event at Oxford University wasn't all about being amongst the 'developer species'. A crucial part of it was learning, and on the first day there was certainly lots of brain-bursting content to consume. There was hardly a minute when I wasn't picking up my pencil and notepad (the device that never runs out of battery). After a day of talks and lectures, my notepad was spilling with pencil marks. Design, marketing and economics were amongst the many stunning topics last week. Inevitably, there was always a going to be a whiff of code during the weekend. And boy, we certainly didn't fall short of that. Kittsy showed some of his plugins and the life behind them, while towards the end of the first day, we had a half-hour crash course in Swift. Despite the best efforts of Buzztouch, us developers will always want to know what's going on behind the scenes. When day one came to a close, we rounded off with a posh over-priced dinner and partied late in a rather uncivilised fashion. After recovering from the previous night, we had to kick our heels together and remind ourselves we had to make apps. And, boy, did we make apps or what? Ideas were sprouting up, new plugins being developed, adjustments in code. It was like a developer's playground. The amount of talent in the room was amazing - whether it was blipping out those errors or coming up with a new idea. Of course, naturally Kittsy and Dragon007 couldn't resist the urge to watch some football, so we packed up our stuff and called it an end to the mesmerising event. I won't lie... the event didn't go without its blips. But at the end of it all, it's not about sweating over the small stuff, but more about the overall experience. For those who didn't attend the event, probably you had a really bad petty excuse like "4,000 miles is too far to travel", well what can I say? Shame on you... Off with your head. I did anticipate most wouldn't attend (in fact only 0.002% of Buzztouch users attended) and thought this one through. BuzzWeekend was streamed live to an international audience, be it India, America or Egyot. But for those who had the really bad excuse of "I can't wake up at 2am just for a live stream"... need not worry. It was recorded. Three cameras around the room captured the action unfold. Because I have a time machine that travels into the future, I can confirm that the recordings will be out in a few weeks time. If you had an epileptic disorder, you were probably in a bit of trouble. Flashes were going off left, right and center. However, the upshot of this was a set of great photos. They'll be uploaded soon. So, all in all, a pretty damned good weekend. Soon, you�ll see a set of icons underneath every user who attended Thomas Boyd <a href="http://buzzweekend.annandaleapps.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://buzzweekend.annandaleapps.com</a> <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
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09/29/14 03:44 PM (9 years ago)
Way to go. Congrats Thomas. Miguel
Smugger than thou...
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Tamuning, GU
09/29/14 04:11 PM (9 years ago)
Nice write up, Thomas! Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts! Cheers! -- Smug
Lost but trying
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09/30/14 12:10 PM (9 years ago)
May I add that the football match I watched with Kittsy was a bloody disaster and man utd lost 5-3 to Leicester City. Terrible day! But an enjoyable weekend. Nice one Thomas, you did will.
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10/01/14 12:54 AM (9 years ago)
Yes, I totally agree. You did very well, Thomas. Thank you so much, Thomas, for all the preparations. I am looking forward to the recordings… and to the next opportunity to meet other Buzztouch members in person.
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10/09/14 07:27 AM (9 years ago)
So sorry to have missed this event. Will be looking out for more European events in the future. Well done Thomas!

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