Menu Image Advanced

buzztouch plugin: Menu Image Advanced
Version: v4.2
The Menu Image Advanced plugin builds on the Menu with Image plugin by providing several new features, including clickable header, optional header, platform-specific menu items. Works on both iOS and Android!
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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7 Reviews

Calypso Kid
Aspiring developer
Reg: Mar 09, 2012
Upstate New Yor...
  12/08/13 04:10 PM (10 years ago)
Awesome plugin and even more awesome support. I was having a problem getting this plugin to work on my self hosted server. Chris put up with my barrage of help requests and fixed the problem in no time. Thank you Chris for a great plugin and great support.
Lost but trying
Reg: Nov 22, 2013
  12/04/13 04:49 AM (10 years ago)
Very good plugin. I bought yesterday and is working fine.

In the list rows, font size section, do you have recommended sizes?

Aspiring developer
Reg: Aug 02, 2011
Coral Sprigs, F...
  06/29/13 06:49 AM (11 years ago)
Thanks Chris 1 for your great work! There are not a lot of plugz for android thus far. Every addition is greatly appreciated.
Susan Metoxen
buzztouch Evangelist
Reg: May 01, 2011
Hopkins, Minnes...
  06/27/13 09:00 PM (11 years ago)
There are a lot of new features in this plugin that make it worthwhile to use as a base instead of the Menu with Image. You can use the clickable header as another button. Best of all, you can use turn off rows in Android if you want to use plugins available in iOS only.
Android Fan
Reg: May 18, 2013
  05/31/13 12:49 AM (11 years ago)

I have tested this App today and there is problems, Automatic updates are problematic and most of the time it freezes.
Not worth the $9.99 I spend!
Hopefully Chris1 can fix this.
Code is Art
Reg: Jan 11, 2012
Brisbane austra...
  05/30/13 06:00 PM (11 years ago)
I love that this is for both ios and Android, but I find it to be a little limiting at this stage. I don't want to have a header that is so large, but the header has a set height.

I would also like to easily change the font and how many characters I can include on the description line, font color, etc.

With a bit more work I would give it 5 stars, but as it stands I will have to go with the BTA Design Menu for my project and worry about Android later. Maybe this will have more features and I'll use it then.
Jake Chasan
Veteran developer
Reg: May 13, 2011
location unknow...
  05/08/13 07:27 AM (11 years ago)
I like to ability to tap the header image and have it take the user to another screen. This will be a great asset to many apps.