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buzztouch plugin: Login Screen
Login screens allow you to password protect any screen or menu item. User credentials are authenticated against a list of users in the control panel or a custom script on your website.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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5 Reviews

Aspiring developer
Reg: Feb 24, 2014
Greensboro, NC

  03/04/14 12:37 PM (9 years ago)
I'm having a problem with this plugin. first off I'm new to the site which may explain a lot here.
The first issue is that I am using a theme background image. The login and logout buttons and labels are set behind the background and therefor not visible. To fix this I found that you can set the background image in the login page to none, and it allows the page to be seen uppon first landing but if you navigate back to the login page, the background image returns and again overlaps the buttons.
Second problem is that unlike the screen shots provided, the email text box is partially hidden behind the nav bar. I don't understand why it isn't positioned lower on my screen when on all the tutorials I've seen it looks fine. It is just far enough down that it can be accessed but it doesn't look nice.
Constructive ideas:
There are some things that would make this work much better for my particular application.
1. My users would like to have a remember password option.
2. I would like to allow the users to sign in with there user id and not the email address.
3. (This is the biggest request) on most page type control panels, under nav bar, there is an option for the optional right button that if selected will load a desired page. It would be great if you could have that option for the login button, assuming the password is correct, so that it opens a page.
Thanks David.
Android Fan
Reg: Nov 14, 2011
las vegas
  03/18/13 04:05 PM (10 years ago)
Thank you for all!
Code is Art
Reg: Dec 15, 2010
In your local b...
  03/15/13 08:44 AM (10 years ago)
Thanks David!
Code is Art
Reg: Mar 09, 2013
  03/10/13 02:43 PM (10 years ago)
I have installed this plugin in my app but when I try it with the xcode 4.6 iphone simulator produces a code error when I type the first letter to introduce the email or password...it seems at the CFStringGetLength method...any idea?

I hate code!
Reg: Oct 31, 2011
  10/13/12 03:38 PM (11 years ago)
Thanks David. Very useful.